Self image : 2016



2016 will always be remembered as the year of the dumpster fire” – John Green, Dec 2016

2016 was a pitfall. it was BAD, period. Here is my “self image” or “year in review” or whatever.  proceed at your own discretion.



favourite genre of music: alternative/ indie/ rock

favourite bands : 1D/ the 1975/ kodaline/ bastille/ lp/ fob/p!atd/twenty one pilots/ the      neighbourhood

fandoms: hp/ the hunger games/ pj/ MARVEL!!!/ too many band fandoms/ the martian

favourite meme: Pepe/ grumpy cat/ calculating lady/ doge

favourite place : my room

favourite smell: this.. soap.. but i don’t know what that smell is of!

favourite person: my sister

best memories: summer 🙂

worst memories : this entire year

favourite qualities (of myself): inquisitiveness, intelligence, empathetic-ness(?), caring-ness(?) , non judgmental-ness(?)

things i dislike(about myself): laziness, body image, low self confidence, bad posture(:P), procrastination , no filter( i’m very frank, almost too frank), inability to strike up conversation ( with people i don’t know well),too many regrets.


regrets: too much wasted time, too much hate, too much speaking, too many unspoken words.

what i am grateful for: a comfortable everything. ( such english, much beautiful)

ambition : physicist

books i have read: a brief history of time/ fangirl/ carry on/ to sir, with love/ wonder/ the girl on the train/ the little prince/ gone girl/ all the bright places/ the girl on the train.

MY 2016 IN A SONG LYRIC : ” too many war wounds and not enough wars ”  

– fall out boy,  ‘irresistible’


  • I work harder
  • I actually exercise
  • I get good grades
  • I am motivated
  • I am not too distracted
  • I make memories that i cherish
  • The world does not burn like a dumpster fire.
  • I survive.


( no, not post -script… just my initials!)



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