DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU! You have probably heard this a million times but seriously… listen to me!
1. So, we are just extremely tiny beings, on an extremely tiny planet ,revolving around a small star in an average galaxy which in turn is a freaking dust particle compared to the rest of the universe.
2. Life may happen and life may go, but it affects NOTHING in the universe.( Unless maybe, for some reason, we are part of a grander scheme)
3. Outside this tiny rock that sustains life…nobody judges 🙂
4. The people who judge… their existence is insignificant. Anything they say or do will be forgotten in a couple of hours. 5 yrs into the future, it just WON’T matter.
5. You are an AMAZING human being ,with a vibrant life which has endless horizons, unfathomable to those 20-30 narrow minded idiots who pass judgement.
6. Unfortunately, your existence does not matter either. Neither does mine. So i have taken it upon myself to live MY life the way I want to. Our lives are waaaaayyy too short and insignificant to spend time pleasing other people ( see: carl sagan’s cosmic calendar).
7. Time is limited. Spend it making yourself happy. Our lifespan is equivalent to the blink of an eye as compared to the space-time continuum.
8. Also, if anyone is talking about you behind your back…(pay attention-this is how i do whatever i want).. they are spending a significant amount of time thinking about YOU! haha suckers! You are impacting their conscience and you are not reciprocating this.
9 .therefore…

you∝ time saved

idiots∝time wasted

scienced it!

i have copy pasted this from an email i sent to my friend.also.. i know this isn’t going to help u get over judgement IMMEDIATELY.. but stop regretting things and thinking too much about it.
i still care a little bit about what other people( read: superficial beings) think of me.. but the whole insignificance thought process helps me get over it.

please excuse the stupid punctuation and lack of capitalisation… i feel lazy today!! 🙂

byeeeee :)))


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