Things that feel horrible

  • the feeling of uselessness
  • having so many thoughts but not being able to make sense of any of them.
  • regret
  • giving so much kindness and getting nothing in return
  • when you explain something extensively and nobody understands
  • not being able to talk about your feelings
  • being interrupted
  • insignificance
  • having a conversation with someone, and the conversation is so beautiful that you want to preserve it forever but you don’t know how
  • not being able to get your point across(^^^ case in point)
  • buying a cookie thinking it was chocolate chip but it ends up being oatmeal and raisin
  • feeling lonely when surrounded by lots of people
  • being told to shut up
  • growing up
  • change
  • not getting a smile or a hello in return
  •  not understanding something in your textbook
  • when it’s there one day, and the next day it’s gone
  • when no one is interested in listening to you
  • knowing that you are intruding, but having nowhere else to go

There is so much more, but my mum is telling me to go sleep (*yawn*).

I typed this out after an hour of trying to write something and deleting it. i did this 7 times over a course of 45 minutes.  I can’t express what i want to. ugh. might as well just go sleep. Try again tomorrow.>XO (*yawn*) .


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