M. E .S. M. E .R. I .C.


“Mesmeric,” I whispered to myself as I beheld your ancient beauty.

Beautiful in every way possible,

I stood enthralled in your captivating light.

Shining , shimmering,  you were beautiful in the rawest way possible.

I knew so very little about you,

but wanted to study every flaw and perfection.

You watch me all the time,

whether I realise it or not ;

looming over my mistakes, blessing me for my graces

and mocking me over my transience.

You have had the same effect on many before me,

but very few love you as much as I.

I know you wait for me,

and i try my best to meet you.

Believe me, I really do.

Wonderful, magical, mystical night sky,

your dynamic beauty is unmatched, unparalleled .

“Thank you for being as mesmeric as you are,” i whisper, hoping to receive an answer.

All i receive in return is silence.

The silence is pure torture in itself.

You don’t see my tears for you, nor listen to my screams.

You just stay there-

too far for me to each, but near enough to love.

                  – P.S.

Hello to my 3 readers!

(Also i reached more than a 100 views, yaaaayyyy!!!!)

OK. So its been long since i last posted something. I don’t know… this was very spontaneous.

I thought of this last night (while reading some of Tyler Knott Gregson’s poetry. Go check out his work because it’s BEAUTIFUL ). I immediately wrote it down and painted the attached picture( see above). Excuse me for my bad artwork, but i was tired of stealing pics from tumblr!

Also, I have sooo many ideas… i just hope i can get it on paper!

much love,



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