You watched on as your neighbours were beaten to death.

In a fit of rage, the entire town came with their pitchforks

to mercilessly kill a man – all because false rumours were spread by some mindless fool.

You watched on with unblinking eyes at a girl,

whose face  once flustered with love,

was at that moment flustered with the fear

of being violated in ways you cannot even imagine.

You watched on as a friend of a friend

lay lifeless in the middle of the road,

unnecessarily losing his life due to YOUR lack of conviction.

It may not have been your hands that killed him ,

violated her or destroyed his life,

but it was definitely your heart.

Your heart that beats for your own selfish needs,

ignorant of the futures and families being destroyed around you.

You are the same person who complains

about the policies of the government,

when you couldn’t take your lazy ass to the polling booth.

You have no right to  just watch on

as murders are  committed ,

fellow citizens are discriminated

and your sisters are abused.

Yes, you may say that you don’t react

because you are afraid of what might follow.

You need to listen up, lean in and listen close.

It is not you who should be afraid,

but it is me and so many others

who live in constant fear of people like you.

People like you, cowards,

who would rather watch on

as the world around them burns to ash,

than speak a word against it all.



So this poem/whatever was inspired by this -https://www.buzzfeed.com/andreborges/this-is-the-most-important-photo-taken-in-india-in-2017?utm_term=.nvGk85xMK#.df7QxX5nY

I was horribly annoyed and so i wrote this.

* Prepare for pretentiousness*

Personally, I think it is one of my best work :).

much love,


(secretly a pterodactyl)

A/N- For the best experience, drink covfefe while reading this 😛


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